Our Goal

We want to provide you with a mandap and captivating decor for your reception. We want to design your event and create a memory that will last for a lifetime. We have an exclusive decorative wedding collection to offer you and with that, let us create a fairytale affair and a wedding that you've always dreamed about. We will still remain traditional but modern when required.


Our previous clients have diverse backgrounds, religions, and customs. Kisna Weddings gives pre-assurance to their clients and always keeps promise. Let yourself experience what we say and emphatically claim. We do what we say, and say what we do. We do have the finest mandaps which makes our job even more exhilarating when we see the final results.


Our inventory base will grow with each year with more contemporary, chic and modern elements as South Asians assimilate in America. Kisna Weddings will continue to strive for perfection and become a dominate force in the South Asian Wedding Market in Florida and Georgia.


The Patel Family